Zack Sabre Jr Talks G1 and More

Top British independent star Zack Sabre Jr recently sat down with and discussed a wide variety of topics, including the G1 Climax Tournament and the possibility of him joining WWE one day…

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―― How did you feel when you got the call to join the G1 Climax?

I knew if I wanted to wrestle in Japan, being a part of the G1 was really important. My aspiration was to be involved in the biggest opportunities from the get-go. So if I wasn’t in the G1 this year, I would have been really disappointed. I feel like my previous time in Japan gave me my foundation, and it’s helped me be a part of bigger things.

―― Did you have any worries about the rigorous G1 schedule?

When it comes to the G1, you’re talking about probably the highest quality tournament that I’ve been in. But for four or five years now, I’ve not had any time off. There have been some weeks where I’d wrestle in three countries…in that same week! I’ll have three international flights coming up next week, all within four days. So being in Japan for one month has almost been like a rest for me!

―― Isn’t that a difficult schedule to keep up?

I think to be a top-level wrestler, you have to be OK with the travel schedule it entails.

―― What were some of your matches in the A Block that really stood out to you?

For me, they were all very important. Before the tournament, my perception was that maybe I was still a Junior [Heavyweight]. So I approached every match with a level of desperation to prove I am now in the Heavyweight division in New Japan. That I belong here.

―― As far as fans are concerned, probably the biggest match of yours that stood out was your victory over Tanahashi.

Yeah that was definitely a big victory, and on the first day of the tournament! But for me, I couldn’t be short sighted. I had to think of the G1 as a whole tournament, not just individual matches.

―― But you have to feel something a little more, right? When it’s a win like that?
Oh yeah, I mean it was very satisfying to be in the ring with someone who’s pretty much a modern legend at this point. I was very intrigued to see what it would be like in the ring with him.

On not signing with WWE…

―― You didn’t end up signing with WWE in the end, were there any particular reasons you can share?

It would be like asking a musician, “Why didn’t you sign with the biggest record label?” I’m just concerned with being the best professional wrestler I can be.

―― So there wasn’t a case of maybe being restricted if you signed?

Oh no, it was really just a personal choice. This is my path.

―― It’s kind of impressive that both you and Ibushi took that path and finally faced off the way you did in the G1.

Yeah, I’m glad it happened here!

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