WrestleCircus Partner with Twitch and Introduce ‘Tipping’ during Matches

US based promotion WrestleCircus has officially partnered with streaming platform Twitch and will be introducing some unique aspects to their presentation….

WrestleCircus will be utilising the streaming platform Twitch as an alternative to the much maligned YouTube, they are the first pro wrestling promotion to officially partner with the website.

Twitch is predominately a platform for gamers to stream console/PC ‘Let’s Plays’ and table top based games such as Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer.

One of Twitch’s most unique features is the ‘tipping’ system. Viewers of a stream are able to ‘tip’ the content provider and now WrestleCircus are using this to give their performers an extra revenue stream as they look to push their unique style and presentation on the streaming site.

Are you excited by this new partnership between Twitch and WrestleCircus? It certainly introduces a new aspect to the pro wrestling presentation and style, it also brings pro wrestling to a potential new audience.

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