Why Fix Something That’s Not Broken??

Because they’re meant to be Broken!!!!!!!!

Yes, we’re talking Broken Matt and Jeff Hardy.

At the moment WWE are not utilising the brilliance of the Broken Hardyz, and there are three good reasons for this!

1. Legally they aren’t allowed to yet without buying the rights from Impact Wrestling.  Simple.

2. Make money from the return of Team Xtreme, then double profits by introducing the Broken Hardyz later.

Remembering that WWE is a business and one of it’s main priorities will be to generate money, it makes sense to utilise two potential sources of income rather than one.  First exploit the nostalgia element of bringing back The Hardy Boyz, then celebrate as they become Broken.

3. Watching Matt and Jeff become Broken will make a great story line and present delightful(?) feud opportunities!

Now that we’ve established that WWE would be crazy not to, let’s explore how they could go about breaking the brothers.

The first and least creative option, have them cut a promo in the ring and start the delete chant.  It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s clean; but it’s also outrageously boring and involves no one else.

One step up from the first suggestion would be for Matt and Jeff Hardy to have a nice long title reign which comes crumbling down in front of them causing them to snap.  Again, boring and not creative at all, but possible.

Now we start getting into some juicier strategies.  It seems obvious and maybe too simple, but it would be fantastic.  Have Matt and Jeff get absolutely destroyed at a PPV – I’m talking left in the ring/ambulance level – and for the love of all that is good: make sure the commentary team do not say the word “broken”.  The following night at RAW, they interrupt the main event and wreak havoc as they delete everyone.

As a side point: it’s interesting to point out that Matt and Jeff don’t need to become Broken at the same time.

The next option is my favourite.  Matt Hardy enters the 2018 Royal Rumble within the first 5 competitors.  He barely survives the initial phases, but slowly builds momentum and then eliminates a fair few superstars until it is only him left in the ring, tired and ragged… the countdown begins… Matt looks confused and struggling… something’s wrong… the buzzer sounds… DELETE DELETE DELETE!!!!!!

The final option is to have another wrestler manipulate/turn them.  Bray Wyatt sticks out as the strongest candidate for this.  The main positive about this option is that it enables WWE to build a long slow burning fire, with embers of rumours here and there.  It would likely create the most speculation, very similar to that of Y2J’s first ever appearance on RAW with his countdown.

So what do you think?  When should the Hardy Boyz become Broken, and how should WWE book it?

Let us know in the comments section!

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