Where’s Brocky?

No this isn’t an elaborate version of Where’s Wally… although… you may now consider that to be copy written material owned by TurnBuckleDaily.  We’re open to negotiating terms with WWE for the rights.

Anyway! Back to the main point, where is Carmen Lesdiego!?… Brockmen Sandiego?  Where on earth is this guy!?

Surely WWE need to be worried that a SuperStar has just walked off with their Universal title only to return at WrestleMania 34…?  And what about the whole clause of “you must defend your title in 30 days or you forfeit”?  I’m guessing that WWE just threw out the rule book with that one…

Someone get me Kurt Angle so he can in turn get Wally Lesnar on the phone BECAUSE WE NEED ANSWERS!!!!

Thinking seriously, we’ll probably hear or see something directly after Payback, WWE and RAW just want to get past so they can focus on moving forward and development.  The upcoming PPV is clearly marked to just tie up loose ends.  Hopefully it offers more, but the future beyond Payback looks brighter and more exciting!

By the by… if anyone wants to photoshop Brock’s face onto Where’s Wally or Carmen Sandiego… please go ahead and let us know!!!

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