And So The Undertaker Rumour Mill Turns

There is continued speculation about The Undertaker and his retirement/non-retirement/return/WHAT!?

After leaving his iconic hat in the ring at WrestleMania, The Dead Man has been rumoured here, there, and everywhere!

Some say that The Undertaker was training at SummerSlam for a future match, others say he was around for video game related duties.

PWInsider was incorrectly reported to have commented on a return at No Mercy and have tried to set the record straight. It seems that some rumours floating around eventually gather momentum and make their way into news rather than remaining as speculation. This is clearly the case with The Undertaker.

WWE is holding this card very close to their chest (if they even hold this card at all!) and won’t want to let any cat out of the bag. But it’s pretty safe to say that a return for The Undertaker would need to compare to his exit at WrestleMania and therefore be larger than a match at No Mercy.

Perhaps it would be good to remember this tweet from The Game:

If his exit at WrestleMania was the end of an era… his return may seem a bit weird, especially after so many tributes from the locker room… but hey!  This is WWE and anything can happen!  That’s why we love it and hate it!

My guess, if nothing has happened before Christmas/New Year, you can expect the rumour mill to start up again for Royal Rumble and then WrestleMania.

So, go on, give us your take on this crazy rumour filled saga in the comments below!

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