Underrated SuperStar Gimmicks

I’m not aiming to convince anyone of anything today.  My only goal is to start a discussion about which SuperStars had underrated gimmicks that were beautiful.  To do this, I’m going to get the ball rolling with my nomination…

Al Snow.

No that wasn’t a typo. I believe that Al Snow was a fantastic character, portrayed beautiful, yet still underrated and underutilised

I’m not talking about the Job Squad though. You can keep them.

Al Snow’s gimmick: he was mentally unstable.

But wait, there’s more! The character must have a back story as he had “HELP ME!” written on his head, therefore on some level there was a sane person trapped inside an insane man! Who knew Al Snow could be so complex?

BUT WAIT!!! There’s even more!!! Why would Head have “HELP ME!” written on it’s forehead?

Being honest and logical about Al Snow, he wasn’t serious and he wasn’t to be taken seriously.  But what if he was?  Look what he did with the European Championship!!  When he won it, he entered the ring to different national anthems replacing the words with the lyrics from his original theme.  WHAT!?

Imagine what would have happened if he got his hands on anything higher!! Yes it’d be a laughing stock, but it would have been the perfect way to make a title relevant again by giving it to someone credible afterwards.

Oh Al Snow, your genius was lost on a world that was blind to your brilliance.

If Al Snow was still in WWE… imagine him joining or feuding with the Broken Hardyz.

Who/what is your pick for the most underrated character/gimmick?

Let us know in the comments below!

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