The Superstar Shake-Up: One Month Later

The 2017 WWE Superstar Shake-up has come and gone, and many (including myself) were disappointed with the concept falling flat.

“It’s time to shake things up around here,” Mr. McMahon exclaimed to the Amway Center crowd during the Raw after WrestleMania. When the official details were announced via, it was stated that RAW General Manager Kurt Angle and Smackdown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan would be in discussion with one another regarding movement of the talents. Trades, deals, and other moves were rumored and what did we end up getting?

A concept that, as previously mentioned, fell flat.

Instead of trades and deals similar to the NBA or the NFL being operated by the General Managers of RAW and Smackdown Live, we witnessed back-to-back nights of total randomness. For starters, WHY did Kurt Angle want Apollo Crews on RAW? Or WHY were Jinder Mahal and Sin Cara targets for “The Land of Opportunity”? Sadly, those questions were not answered and we were left in the dark as to why those moves were made.

That’s why I’m here! Well, kinda.

I don’t have the answers, and I know I would have done things much differently. I am a sucker for the NBA and its trade deadline, so the idea of Daniel Bryan “luring” a guy like Cesaro to the blue-brand, to me, would have been really cool. For example, Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle announce a BLOCKBUSTER trade, sending The Miz (Daniel Bryan’s thorn in his side) to RAW for a guy like Curtis Axel, who may have benefited in a change of scenery? Instead, Bray Wyatt appears on RAW for no apparent reason even though he had unfinished business with WWE Champion Randy Orton.

Later this week, I will break down the winners and the losers of the moves that did go down in last month’s big Shake-up. Who were you most surprised about in terms of moves? Were you initially happy to see Alexa Bliss move from Smackdown Live to RAW? Did you care about Curt Hawkins leaving the blue-brand for the red-brand? Sound off in the comments below and I will see you guys later this week with my winners and losers of the Shake-up!

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