Ryback Weighs In On Enzo Amore Release

It has been a fair while since Enzo Amore was released by WWE amid accusations of sexual misconduct.

Former WWE Superstar Ryback has now weighed in on the situation and given his take on the circumstances surrounding Amore’s release, he made the following statement on his podcast ‘Conversation With The Big Guy:’

“I understand why he didn’t tell WWE because if he didn’t do anything he would have been fired or suspended last year because that company won’t back you in anything, especially something like that because they will just drop you. They may bring you back at some point but the damage was already done. He hasn’t been up there that long and you look at it like you are making that money and you keep wanting to make that money and you are not sure that they are going to bring you back, but I am going off the assumption that he didn’t do anything and why he didn’t tell them because again, if he did he would have been fired or suspended last year and not been paid so he was preserving that and hoping that it wouldn’t come out, but it did. I don’t know what happened or didn’t happen, but I am just saying that it is a tough situation, It’s one of those unfortunate things where you can be in a good position to no position really quickly. I wish the best for him and all that no matter what happens. Hopefully it is something he didn’t do. I find it difficult to believe someone would do that but you never know.”

Credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription and Conversation With The Big Guy for the content

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