Retro Spotlight PLAY: Saturday Night Slam Masters

Welcome back to the Retro Spotlight right here on Turnbuckle Daily. On this edition we’ll be tackling Saturday Night Slam Masters on the Super Nintendo.

Slam Masters was developed by Capcom is has a more Arcade combat approach to wrestling. It certainly has a slower pace than the WWF Arcade game and I felt more at home with the Street Fighter 2 styling.

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Here’s some info on the game:

*Saturday Night Slam Masters, known in Japan as Muscle Bomber: The Body Explosion (Japanese: マッスルボマー ザ・ボディー・エクスプロージョン?), is a 1993 pro wrestling arcade game released for the CP System by Capcom. The game features character designs by manga artist Tetsuo Hara, famous for Fist of the North Star.

The game was followed by an updated version titled Muscle Bomber Duo: Ultimate Team Battle in 1993, and a sequel called Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II in 1994.

The original Slam Masters plays like a traditional wrestling game, only the game used a view similar to that commonly used in the fighting game genre. The game uses a three button configuration (grab, attack, and jump).

Each character has two special attacks: a non-grappling technique and a finisher. When an opponent’s life meter is depleted, he must either be pinned for a three-count or forced to submit. Defeating all of the other wrestlers results in winning the championship belt, which must then be defended against the entire roster.

There are two game modes: Single Match, where the player fights in a series one-on-one matches against the CPU; and Team Battle Royale, where the player and another partner (controlled by another player or by the CPU) competes in a series of two-on-two matches. The game can be played by up to four players.

*Credit to Wikipedia for the information

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