Reby Hardy Denies Deals for Purchase of “Broken Gimmick”

Reby Hardy has denied the rumours that have been circulating about WWE’s potential purchase of the Matt and Jeff Hardy’s Broken Gimmick.

We’ve certainly discussed and speculated about the prospect that WWE would be in the process of purchasing Matt and Jeff Hardy’s Broken Gimmick from TNA, however Reby Hardy appears to have put an end to this rumour… at least for now.

The tweet above is in reference to a direct question about WWE’s rumoured purchase from TNA.

“Is there any truth to the rumor wwe purchased the broken rights from tna? Notwithstanding that tna had no real ownership

Reby followed up the tweet with this:

Maybe this is just further publicity?  Everyone seems to be expecting the Broken Gimmick to follow the Hardyz, could this be a well placed red herring?  A sprinkle of doubt to throw the WWE Universe off track?  A curve ball?

Only time will tell!

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