It’s Question Time at SummerSlam

SummerSlam is looking like a pretty exciting event, with a lot of questions to be raised, answered or ignored.  So let’s play Question Time: here’s a list of my top 8 questions that SummerSlam will get people talking about!

Author note: I have deliberately ignored any Shield related questions because… it’s already happened partly and of course everyone is going to be talking about it.

Although… (unofficial question 1) whose music do Seth and Dean come out to in their match???

1:  Next level for Neville?

I see Akira Tozawa winning the match against Neville, and I would be happy with this.  But the main point is around Neville and his place in 205 Live.  Should he move somewhere else since he has successfully completed a reinvention of himself?  My answer is yes.

2:  Can Carmella be a legitimate champion?

I want to say yes.  I really do!  But if WWE up their game with Charlotte like they had on RAW… Sorry Carmella… Even with James Ellsworth…

3:  Who’s next for AJ Styles?

Seriously… I can’t think of a name that would fit in this gap without it being a stop gap for something bigger…  PLEASE GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS.

4:  Will Brock Lesnar really leave immediately after SummerSlam if he loses?

Immediately?  As in, will not return for a contracted rematch…?  I find that unlikely but not impossible.  Wouldn’t he stay around for Wrestlemania, unless UFC handed WWE a large amount of money.

5:  If so, you have to assume this won’t be permanent?

And a follow up question, he’d be back in the future…. yeah?

6:  Are you finished with him yet Braun?

I would love to see Braun Strowman win the Universal title, that’s just a personal opinion.  As a prediction: Samoa Joe will win, but I’d like to see Strowman move on a feud with The Destroyer and leave Roman to do his inevitable Shield thing.

7:  Do I love The Miz enough to see him continue the descent of the Intercontinental Championship?

He’s the guy you love to hate, but my word I’m not sure how WWE could make the Intercontinental Championship more dead… I’m not going to fantasy book anything, but I’d love to hear ideas on how to bring this title up a few pegs.

8:  Will WWE do anything worth while with Enzo?

This is the biggest question for me.  A fan favourite who gets beaten up week in, week out… Big Cass got the Big Push and hope he dominates in his match and moves on to greater things.  I want Enzo to move on to… I just can’t see how that’s going to happen, so I’m extremely interested to see how WWE works this out.

BONUS QUESTION:  Is Matt hardy broken/woken/awake/sleeping/WHAT!?

It kind of happened on twitter… but it’s all been very quiet on screen… weird.  I assume something will be worked out in ring to make this work, but the initial nostalgia hype is over and something new needs to divide the partnership or take them to something new.

Do you have any questions???  Please comment and share your thoughts!


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