Pro Wrestling EVE Getting a UK TV Deal?

Uk based company Pro Wrestling EVE has been booming recently, having been featured in many mainstream media outlets such as the BBC, New York Times, London’s Metro and Time Out to name a few.

The all female promotion has certainly benefitted from the mega success of GLOW and the renewed focus on Women’s wrestling with events such as the Mae Young Classic but in truth it is the rabid, hardcore fan base of EVE and the progressive nature of their presentation that has fuelled their sell out shows and driven the company into the mainstream.

With the announcement of 5* Wrestling reportedly heading for UK TV and the (currently unknown) future of World of Sport there is an opportunity for a new style and presentation of pro wrestling on UK television. Although company owners Emily and Dann Read have not revealed any concrete plans they did post the following tweet from outside one of the UK’s biggest stations Channel 4 yesterday:

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