Buckle Bomb Podcast Episode Ten 03/05/18

Remember Tye Dillinger? Yea us neither BUT IT’S EPISODE TEN OF THE BUCKLE BOMB BAYBAY

That’s right Alex and Jake have made it all the way to episode 10…and it’s a hell of a week to be a fan of the UK wrestling scene. The boys talk RIPTIDE Spring Break, PROGRESS Super Strong Style 16 and the announced first round and PRO WRESTLING: EVE and the INCREDIBLE Wrestle Queendom event on Saturday night.

They also have the weekly GOING UNDERGROUND and REAL TALK segments, and trust me you don’t want to miss REAL TALK this week….oh boy.

Give the show a 5 star rating on Apple Podcasts, tell your mates about podcast and as always stay ALWAYS POSITIVE and ALWAYS FORWARD.

Palace are better than Arsenal (also Alex has no control over this)

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