New Japan Best of the Super Juniors Day 2 Observations

The Best of the Super Juniors has officially begun. Day 2 of the 2017 iteration took place in Korakuen Hall and featured 4 tournament matches. Here are the Turnbuckle Daily observations…..

If you missed our thoughts on Day 1 then check them out here.

A Block is Vastly Superior 

Day 2 is over and it really hammered home just how stacked A Block really is. What with the emotional battles that Liger will have in his final Best of the Super Juniors, The aerial prowess of Ospreay & Ricochet and the opportunity to see Scurll/Takahashi mix it up it’s a wonder why New Japan made the tournament so lopsided.

I actually enjoyed Taichi vs TAKA

It was hilarious, with all of the controversy surrounding ‘indie’ wrestling and all of this …dive malarkey it was nice to just watch two guys from the same stable entertain the crowd with a DDT style ‘match.’ TAKA’s mannerisms were hilarious and I still don’t really know what to make of Taichi, this is really worth checking out if you enjoy a bit of fun in your pro wrestling diet.

Did Marty Scurll really debut yesterday?

‘The Villain’ really has arrived. Scurll’s reception during his match with Dragon Lee felt like that of a man who had been performing in Korakuen Hall for years. I will say that it is funny seeing Marty seemingly forget to do the Bullet Club poses and then randomly throw them in from time to time. I really cannot wait for the match he’ll have against Takahashi down the line, that is if they’re showing it on

If Liger wants to return to Best of the Super Juniors next year, then let him

What an absolutely incredible match from Hiromu and Liger. Jushin’s portrayal of a grizzly vet who knows the shortcuts but does not want to take them (seen when he broke the 20 count at the start of the match) has been played perfectly. If you’ve been reading Turnbuckle for any length of time you’ll know that Hiromu Takahashi is one of our firm favourites but I (A1) have been especially impressed with Liger so far in this tournament, considering his age and more limited move set (comparative to the other Juniors) he has been on top form so far.

Ospreay had a point to prove and i think he did

Last year’s most infamous match between Will Ospreay and Ricochet had people talking. Rightly or wrongly it ignited the debate of ‘what is pro wrestling.’ Strangely enough due to recent circumstances and the whole …dive controversy that conversation has reared it’s head again, and I for one am glad it did. The BEST Will Ospreay is a Will Ospreay with a chip on his shoulder and a point to prove, he and Ricochet went out there and delivered MASSIVELY in this match. I really believe that this was better than last year for 2 reasons: 1. They intertwined the aerial elements but kept aspects of their unappreciated ground game and 2. They had the crowd in the palm of their hands. If you have not seen this then I implore you to go out of your way to watch it, awesome, awesome match.

In case you were wondering, here are the results:

Taichi b. TAKA Michinoku – Taichi took the win with his patented Gedo Clutch in a very entertaining DDT style ‘match’

Dragon Lee b. Marty Scurll – Dragon takes his second win in the tournament after hitting a Patellas en el Pecho on Scurll for the pinfall win

Hiromu Takahashi b. Jushin Thunder Liger – Hiromu defeated the legend Liger with his TIME BOMB finishing move. This was his first win and Liger’s second loss

Will Ospreay b. Ricochet – Ospreay took the win in a mesmerising match after hitting the OsCutter

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