Marty Scurll is Debuting in New Japan at the Perfect Time

‘The Villain’ Marty Scurll is set to make his New Japan Pro Wrestling debut at this year’s Best of the Super Juniors. The prestigious tournament has been graced by some of the top names in the pro wrestling world and now Scurll has the opportunity to stamp his name in the NJPW history books.

As the title of this column suggests we believe that now is the PERFECT time for Marty to debut in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Marty has been slowly building his unique ‘Villain’ persona over the past couple of years and this has seen him frequent the very top of the British independent scene. His extremely successful run in PROGRESS saw him become the only 2 time Champion in company history and his performances as part of the Revolution Pro roster has seen his stock rise to that of a bona fide global star.

It is arguably Marty’s time in Rev Pro that has given him the most in terms of opportunity, his featured bouts with Hiromu Takahashi,   Ricochet and 2016 BOSJ winner Will Ospreay part of the many reasons that Scurll signed with Ring of Honor last year.

It is widely known that New Japan and Ring of Honor have a working relationship, for the past couple of years the Ring of Honor World Title has been defended at New Japan’s Tokyo Dome show and many of NJPW’s biggest stars perform in the US as part of the War of the Worlds tour. It can also be said that Ring of Honor stars have not faired too well in a New Japan ring in the past, stars such as Jay Lethal (while extremely talented) have been relegated to mid card matches while the biggest stars of New Japan shine in the spotlight. The momentum for ROH stars has recently started to shift and New Japan do appear to be opening up to the idea of giving Ring of Honor’s stars a chance on their heightened platform as perhaps the 2nd biggest promotion on the planet.

This is why I believe that now is the perfect time for Marty Scurll to debut in New Japan. He has been mastering his craft on the ROH mid card scene as their Television Champion and has the charisma to match his technically gifted in-ring style. Marty, alongside fellow Brit Will Ospreay, is one of the pioneers of the British explosion on modern wrestling, his ability to draw the ire of a crowd will sit perfectly with the changing wants of the New Japan fans and I believe that he will be the talk of the tournament in this years Best of the Super Juniors. Just imagine the match ups he will have with Hiromu Takahashi, Dragon Lee, Will Ospreay & Ricochet….very intriguing.

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