The Magic Behind The Wrestling

There are lots of things that come together to make wrestling what it is.

  • Story Lines
  • Match Writing
  • Athleticism
  • Training
  • Event Management
  • Online Network Management
  • Production
  • Finances
  • Logistics
  • Public Relations
  • etc

The more you think about it, the bigger it seems to get!  What we see is the finished product, everything coming together for a single moment.  Everything we see is a show and anyone who appears on screen has their wrestling persona, and their actual identity.

Behind the scene documentaries and features highlight the difference between in ring personas and genuine personalities, offering a unique perspective and view into how the fabricated universe works.  And in a society run by technology, social media and immediate access via the internet, windows into the WWE Universe are easily accessible.

My favourite, and less obvious exmaple is Austin Creed’s (Xavier Woods) YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown.  The channel uses video games to bridge the gap between the WWE Universe and the personalities within it.  The moment I am highlighting is during NFL Madden tournament matches with Seth Rollins.

In the ring, Rollins comes across as extremely confident and sure of himself, however while playing Madden, Seth appears to become very relaxed and open; he even appears nervous at times.  This isn’t an exercise in pointing out flaws, Rollins’ nervous body language enables him to be appreciated as a human being, rather than a wrestling SuperStar. For many this will make it easier to relate to him, which could then impact a fan’s opinion of his in ring persona, actions, and match ups.

The other fascinating thing about UpUpDownDown NFL Madden tournament matches, is the random appearance of other SuperStars who happen to walk in the room.  It is not uncommon for other members of The New Day to appear, causing distractions and supplying their own commentary.  At the beginning of the episode below, Titus O’Neil is applying body lotion!?

It’s just great to see genuine and honest emotions that aren’t on offer in the WWE Universe.

Another different and older example can be seen in a documentary when Louis Theroux meets Goldberg backstage.  The thin, floppy haired, Louis asks “Mr Goldberg” some questions and receives a wonderfully polite response from the towering, imposing wrestling machine that requires security to escort him to the ring.

The word that keeps cropping up in my mind is: surreal.

Some might say that these windows tear apart all the hard work that goes into creating the WWE Universe.  And it must be accepted that negative aspects of individual personalities can also be seen through these windows, however that is human nature and inevitable.

How far do you think in ring personas go?  Do these windows destroy or enhance the WWE Universe? And what’s your favourite “out of character” moment?

Let us know your thoughts, and comment below!

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