Kurt Angle Thinks that WWE Should Consider Turning Roman Reigns Heel

New RAW General Manager Kurt Angle recently sat down with Washington’s Top News to discuss his long and storied career as the only Olympic gold medalist to ever compete for the WWE.

During the interview Kurt discussed the current negative reactions that Roman Reigns is receiving at most TV tapings and Network specials. He said that:

“The issue with Roman is he was utilized and pushed way too fast. When you skip the U.S. Title, Intercontinental Title, the King of the Ring and go right to the top, fans don’t like that. … Half the fans love him; half the fans hate him. Same with [John] Cena. When Cena came in, Vince pushed the hell out of him and fans were like, ‘Gosh, dang. This guy’s invincible. I hate him!’ … If Vince waits it out a bit, fans will start to accept [Roman Reigns], and if they don’t, then turn him heel.”

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