James Ellsworth To Win Money In The Bank!?





Don’t be silly.

The answer is no.  James Ellsworth is right where he needs to be.  The real question is, at this early stage, who does look like they could go on to win?

Being a SmackDown Live PPV, we’re left with some interesting names.  Let’s run through some of the contenders.

In no particular order: Luke Harper.  Assuming the title stays with Randy Orton, Harper has a clear history and easy story line to craft.  He has the skills to make it work, so give me a reason why not!

How about Shinsuke Nakamura?  I’d love it to be him.  However, for a man of his popularity and ‘raw’ talent, winning Money in The Bank seems a little cheap.  Nakamura should be in as many matches as possible, taking no short cuts.  The other question with Nakamura is, would that be too soon? (The answer is yes by the way)

Next up: Rusev.  Not my favourite option, but this could work if he can recover from his shoulder injury.  He has held the US title on RAW and therefore has the credentials. Also, being a heel, who wouldn’t want to see the Bulgarian Brute cash in and lose?

As long as WWE continues it’s form of trying to push Andre The Giant Battle Royale winners, and Mojo Rawley isn’t vying for the Intercontinental Championship, then this guy may not be far away.  Odds are, no.  But it’s not impossible to see him in the match at least.

Following Mojo Rawley: Baron Corbin.  In a previous article, we discussed how it’s not impossible for Corbin to become a World Champion before WrestleMania 34.  The only sticking point I can see: is it too soon after losing a number 1 contenders match for the US title? There’s plenty of time between now and Money in The Bank for Corbin to build himself up again though.

However, if WWE consider Baron Corbin a viable option for Money in The Bank, I’d like to also add Sami Zayn to this list.  He hasn’t won a title since being on RAW, so would this be his chance for a big win?

This is all assuming that AJ Styles and Kevin Owens are tied up in a US Championship feud.  If not… throw either of these guys in too.

Who do you think should be entered into the match?  Will Randy Orton still be World Champion by then?  Let us know in the-WAIT!  Sorry. I forgot someone.

It is VERY unlikely – but could WWE bring back John Cena from his post WrestleMania break…?  I’m going to say no… although this wouldn’t be the first time WWE has surprised me (in a bad way).

Ok. Now the article is finished.  Let us know who you think could enter and win Money in The Bank in the comment section below!

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