Independence Day Surprise for SmackDown Live?

Celebrations and fireworks are common place throughout America on Independence Day, but does that also mean we could see something special at SmackDown Live when it airs on July 4th?

WWE might be worried about losing live viewers on the national holiday, so they could be thinking of something special to mark the occasion.  In 2015 they had Beast in The East hosted in Japan, and last year RAW put on an entertainment bonanza!  So what could SmackDown Live be planning?

The obvious and easy path would be to copy the RAW event and host an America vs Everyone Else match.  However the brand split limits numbers and SuperStars so this may not be possible.

Perhaps we could see a special take on the event by The Face of America: Kevin Owens (if he is still the US Title Champion).  It’d be the perfect heel opportunity to give a speech in French as he has done before.

The other option would be to bring in a special guest.  This could be in the form of an outside celebrity which, given past experience, never goes down well.  Or WWE could bring back a SuperStar who has taken some time off since Wrestlemania… I don’t know… someone like… John Cena?

I think we will hear something sooner rather than later about their plans for Independence Day SmackDown Live.  WWE won’t want to keep secrets, and rumours will circulate to create buzz and interest in order to boost viewers.

What do you think Independence Day will hold for SmackDown Live?  Special guests?  Big matches?  Returning SuperStars?  The Rock announcing his presidential interest for 2020?  Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Elaine House says:

    I already heard Cena is coming back no surprise there and 10 to 1 he’s gonna whine and cry for a title shot like always

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