Extreme Rules PPV or Hardcore Championship?

If you had to choose, which would you have in WWE: An Extreme Rules PPV or a Hardcore Championship?

RAW’s exclusive PPV, this Sunday, enables WWE to really play around with matches when it comes to Extreme Rules.  It offers the chance for the most creative and unique opportunities… but how extreme is a submission match?  In this author’s opinion… RAW is wasting creative opportunities when compared to matches that would fall into the “Extreme Rules” category.

Jump back to the Attitude Era and we get perfect examples of what could be happening during the upcoming PPV.  However I will admit that times have changed and what was good back then won’t translate into 2017.

Some of you eagle eyed readers will have noticed a previous article that I put together!

The major issue that faces WWE with this PPV is the number of events or matches that contain features that should only appear at Extreme Rules.

  • Dumpster match with Brawn Strowman
  • Chris Jericho being suspended above the ring in a shark cage
  • Ladder matches
  • Hell in a Cell PPV

Therefore the WWE Universe isn’t getting anything new and exciting from this PPV which appears to replace the outrageous Hardcore Championship of yesteryear.

But should WWE ditch Extreme Rules and bring back the Hardcore Championship?  I can see it being fun at first, but probably not a good long term idea.  As I’ve already said, what worked back-in-the-day won’t necessarily work now.  I just wonder if special events could be saved for this PPV to make it a bit more exciting.

You may, or may not, agree with me when I say: Money in The Bank is far more tantalizing at the moment.  But I have high hopes of quality matches shining through, allowing RAW to finally focus on Great Balls of Fire and the return of The Universal Champion.

Quick prediction for the Fatal 5-Way?  Roman won’t get pinned, but Roman won’t win.  Samoa Joe or Finn Balor for the win, with a slight edge on Finn.

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