How to Book Enzo Amore For The Next Year

This is not an “idiot’s how to guide”… This is just an idiot’s opinion… How to Book Enzo Amore.

No prizes for guessing what the big question on my mind at the moment is…

The way I see it… Enzo always relied on Big Cass to clean house and surely can’t survive on his own, even with that gift of gab.

So… what’s the answer I hear to yelling through the magic of the internet!?






Yes, that’s right!  Enzo is certainly the right build to join the other stars of 205 Live, and his presence would bring a new audience to the show.  However, my booking doesn’t just stop there… oh no… that would be too easy.

Enzo Amore is getting destroyed by Big Cass week in, week out.  He needs to learn and develop.  He needs to go on a journey of self discovery.  If Luke battled Darth Vader in A New Hope… well… they’d be 2 movies short of a trilogy!  Instead, Luke went away… trained his mind and body in the ways of the force to come back and confront his (SPOILER ALERT) father.

ANYWAY-back to Enzo Amore… Enzo must go away to 205 Live, get knocked about a bit, build himself back up in the same image but with new techniques and features, and then complete his training by becoming 205 Live Champion.

Only then can he return to RAW or SmackDown Live (wherever Big Cass is) to surprise him and seek his ultimate revenge: destroying his former partner.

Yes? No? Maybe? Can I repeat the question!?  NO I CANNOT.

This is my idiot’s opinion on how to book Enzo for the next year, do you agree?  Please get in touch and let me know in the comments section!

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