Damien Sandow Talks Miz Impersonation

Former WWE/TNA star Damien Sandow/Aron Stevens appeared on X-Pac’s Podcast and talked about his time impersonating The Miz and the reaction he received backstage.

Sandow said:

“I remember Tyson Kidd of all people who is a good buddy of mine and an awesome guy. He goes, “Did you just put the figure four on the invisible man when Miz did?” I go, “Yup.” He goes, “ That was the greatest thing I’ve seen on the show (Monday Night RAW) in a long time.” And I just said,” Well you know what, watch next week.” After a couple weeks like Vince( McMahon) was like, “ Well I noticed you are mimicking Miz?” “Yup.” “Do whatever you want if it gets too overboard I’ll pull you back. And I just went, “ Okay.”

(Credit to Wrestlezone for the writeup)

You can check out X-Pac’s show below:


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