Is Business More Important Than Art?

Time to get serious.  Time for a real thinker.  Is business and making money more important than the creation and continuation of an art-form?  I’m not picking on Jinder Mahal, I am using him as a case study for this intense and thought provoking article (….hopefully…)

It is hard to deny the success of Jinder Mahal but it is no secret that WWE have made him successful so that they can tap into the potential fan base of the second largest population in the world, India.  The benefits are obvious, more viewers/subscribers/customers means more money which can therefore be put back into the company/pockets of Mr McMahon.  This is just good business!

However, the other side of the coin shows Shinsuke Nakamura, someone who has been worthy of any and all titles for the past few years, and rumours suggest that the Modern Day Maharaja may be keeping his belt until WestleMania 34…

The main point being brought up is:

Is keeping the belt on Jinder Mahal and trying to please approximately 1,342,512,706 people better than pleasing the current audience and WWE Universe?

Coming from a strategy point of view, the idea would be to use Jinder as a hook, and for the potential audience in India to discover other superstars that they enjoy and stick around for.  Therefore it’s important for Jinder to have as many matches and appearances alongside as many different superstars as possible so if someone were to tune in just for Jinder’s match, they would experience another superstar as well.

Unfortunately, this strategy may not be very pleasing for purists/fanatics that aren’t keen on the current WWE Champion, or anyone that thinks other superstars are more worthy of the title.  Furthermore, this strategy may not even work!  We keep hearing about the 1.3b people in India… they won’t all watch WWE… (but to be fair even if they only reached a quarter of the population… that would still match the current overall population of the US… so fair play!)

The author’s opinion is very boring and neutral.  I’m not exactly keen on Jinder Mahal, however I understand the business sense.

What’s more important than my opinion though, is yours! What do you think?  Is WWE wasting time with the WWE Championship belt?  Perhaps there is enough interest elsewhere (Universal Championship/US Title) to allow Jinder to fulfill this business strategy?  Please tweet/comment/get in touch!

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