Does WWE Have the Right Mix of Nostalgia and New Talent?

Nostalgia, that warm fuzzy feeling you get from fond memories, but could WWE be over doing it?

With the return of The Hardyz and Kurt Angle, questions have been asked of other former WWE SuperStars.  Goldust and R-Truth are currently trying to cash in on the nostalgia train during RAW tonight:

I appreciate Kurt’s effort to restore some realism into the situation bringing up the win/lose record, but it still seems that the tag team division remains the weakest of all, and bringing in Golden Truth isn’t going to help!

(Edit: And what an impact they had… really used to their full potential… was it worth it WWE?  WAS IT!?)

Should WWE be focusing on making money by bringing back former stars, or should they be doing more with NXT and the UK Championship?  The answer is, why not both!  And actually they are doing a good job, but raising talent takes time, so why not try to make a some quick bucks where possible?

The problem is that WWE needs to legitimise each SuperStar from the UK Championship or NXT before promoting them, which as I’ve noted takes time; it doesn’t matter how quickly they win a title.  On the flip side, nostalgia hits don’t last long and old gimmicks will never stay that fresh for very long.

At the end of the day, two things come to mind:

  1. WWE is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
  2. You can’t please everyone.

So what should they do?  Who do they bring back?  Who do they promote and when? HOW DO YOU KEEP EVERYONE HAPPY!?  Impossible questions with infinite answers.  All I know, both Gangrel and Al Snow have experienced open minds to possible returns.  BOOK IT!!!!!!!


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