The Scoop – Episode 30

The Scoop turns 30! Join us for our 30th birthday celebration including a very special interview with Pro Wrestling EVE/XWA Co-owner Emily Reed! We also break down RAW, Smackdown and talk the latest news in WWE land...
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UnPro Wrestling Champion, Roy Johnson

The Hot Tag w/Steve Russell: The Man Who Would Be King? Book It.

The following Hot Tag w/Steve Russell was originally uploaded on Write Steve Write, September 11th 2017: Sunday, 20th August 2017 saw the culmination of over a year’s worth of work, graft, and emotional and creative investment. It’s not something tangible that you can hold, like a novel (yet!), comic book or painting. No, this art was crafted and moulded over numerous meetings, Skype/Facetime sessions (depending which one provided a better, less pixel-faced connection), and dinners. It was also born out of a deceptively simple concept, birthed, as it was, in the backroom of Vault Comics in Welling, during a podcasting session with then-stranger-now-friend, Kieron. Now that some time has passed and I can look back on the events leading to this serendipitous meeting of mutual good fortune with an even eye, I wanted to recount them, connecting chaotic, unrelated events into a string of occurrences that suggest, perhaps, a sense of order amongst the chaos, giving you all a better idea not only at how this working relationship came about, but also the processes involved in booking a wrestling show whilst trying to maintain artistic merit, with all efforts going towards not only putting on a fucking amazing wrestling show but executing on an event that had dramatic purpose, heft, and resonance. UnPro Wrestling Poster
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